I just love when our admins over at El Satanico:The Ninth Level Of Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Culture share their thoughts and opinions on their passions. It’s a real privilege to be part of a group of knowledgeable people who refuse to participate in gatekeeping and other toxic fandom behavior.

A long dark city alley underground, walls in decay on either side, a puddle in the foreground.
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Last time, we interviewed the enigmatic Annie Ulukou, and this time, we’ve interviewed the sagacious Carlos Cooper. As an interviewer, I don’t pressure people to answer questions they prefer to skip — and I don’t ask why, so you may see this interview isn’t as long. …

I told you and told you, I’m a Halloween junkie. I consume everything horror with gusto and leave little room for fluffy and pretty things. Well, what’s pretty to normies, anyway.

I am proud to be part of a horror, fantasy, and sci-fi group on Facebook called El Satanico:The Ninth Level Of Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Culture. I’m one of the admins there and was on the eponymous podcast under the name Anne Hogue-Boucher (before I split up my writings and Lucienne took over).

For building up to Halloween, I thought it would be fun to interview my fellow…

Halloween is my time of year.

This holiday is by far my personal favorite. I love to get dressed up, eat candy, and watch a slew of horror films and read grim tales of the icy cold hands of death that grip the protagonist and —

Do they squirm out of the grip, or do they fall into Death’s cold embrace?

Well, that’s what keeps me reading! I don’t mind if the ending isn’t happy or sad, or even ambiguous. I just want to know what happened.

People who know me know I celebrate Halloween all year. When I’m not…

Welcome to The Author’s Angle — a look into the minds of Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy authors. I’m your host, Lucienne LeBeau, author of the Silver Hollow Trilogy and short stories.

Recently, through a group and podcast I’m involved in called El Satanico: The Ninth Level of Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Culture, I met a fellow author named John Fountain. I had no idea that he was the backbone and genius behind the RPG When Worlds Collide, a game that a couple of friends of mine had gotten into some time ago.

This Facebook group has a wide variety of interests, and being an author myself, I wanted to feature any of the members who were interested in featuring their work.

I was thrilled when Mr. Fountain sent me a…

People in therapy who love horror movies, books, and video games — it’s not a symptom of your issues, it’s a way to cope with them.

There are tons of articles that discuss how horror movies and other horror media can help with anxiety by providing a safe environment to experience traumas. With some of the more intense horror films (looking at you, Audition and Wolf Creek), a person can come to terms with some pretty fierce bogeymen.

A figure through frosted glass, only a vague shape of a body and head, and two hands against the glass.
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

Naturally, a therapist would not want to introduce horror films to anyone who is squeamish of them, but it makes for a…

Warning: This article may be upsetting or triggering to those with trauma and mentions traumatic events. Please note this article is not a substitute for therapy — it is for educational purposes only, and any urgent issues that arise should be brought to a qualified professional.

Photo of a person sitting in a field with hands over their face, looking slumped over and upset as if they have been crying or are crying.
Photo by Francisco Gonzalez on Unsplash

PTSD and Complex PTSD (CPTSD) are disorders that arise following trauma. In the case of PTSD, it is often a single event (witnessing a murder, being involved in a shooting, etc.) that starts the disorder. With CPTSD, it is a series of traumatic events (ongoing war, being a victim of human trafficking, ongoing childhood abuse, abuse from different sources over the course of years, etc.).

The newer diagnosis of CPTSD is often misunderstood by laypeople and even trained therapists, therefore, it is best to seek out a trauma specialist when experiencing symptoms of PTSD.

  1. Complex PTSD is not “worse” than…

“I'm not good enough. I fall short all the time. I missed a deadline. I ran late … again. I slopped something on my new shirt. I ate too much. I can't find my keys … again. I fail at everything.” Rose twists her hands in her lap and looks at the group, searching faces for something. For sympathy, for validation — for anything.

“I feel that way all the time," Juanita says with a nod. There are nods of agreement, and murmurs of ascent flow through the small group.

“Do you feel that way often? That no matter what…

“I still love my abuser" says Juanita*, a 67-year old survivor of abuse at the hands of her mother, who once sold her to a bartender instead of paying her tab. Juanita was sexually abused for a week before returning to her mother.

When she told her what had happened, her mother slapped her, called her a liar or a whore, and told her to pick one. “If you let him fuck you, you’re a whore. If you lied, you’re just a liar, but at least you’re not a whore."

There was little choice for a then twelve-year-old girl growing…

Lucienne LeBeau

Horror Author, Former Supervised Therapist

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